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Shared Services

We collaborate across our back office functions and act together to identify efficiencies and savings, improve contracts and services, as well as collectively approaching and implementing standards of excellence. 

Our staff work in four key groups, which also share information, ideas and approaches. These are the HR Network, Facilities Managers, Finance Directors and the cross cutting Green Campaign.  Details of their work is below.

In this section

Finance Directors have developed a strong working practice of sharing financial information, details of contracts and services and auditing key cost heads to determine whether there is merit in collective action, or benefit from knowledge exchange. 

NGCV's Facilities Managers have a wide range of expertise and  support each other to investigate new ways to improve how our venues operate.  We have developed collective approaches to reviewing services and contracts to identify the best options for our own organisations and the group.

Freely sharing information and advice, with support from experts when required, the HR Network improves policies and procedures, embeds good practice and the highest standards across all the organisations and provides support and opportunities for staff.

Promoting greener behaviours and activities and reducing our impact on the environment is a priority for all NGCV members.  Through the Green Campaign we raise awareness and encourage staff, the public and visiting artists and cultural professionals to think and be as green as possible.