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Audience development is an area which has been a focus for collaboration and research within NGCV since 2009 and remains a cornerstone of our work together.  The Insider is a shared data and audience development project, based on the principle that rather than pursuing individual market share, cultural organisations operate in a shared market and that sharing data will grow the market for everyone.

Developing a new approach - from The Unusual Suspects to The Insider

To test this principle, we ran a pilot project from 2014-16 with 9 of our 10 members working with technology and research partners - The Unusual Suspects, funded by the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts.  The consortium members shared, profiled and augmented their data to create a Data Commonwealth and a shared list of audience data (The Insider), underpinned by robust legal framework. We undertook a series of carefully designed and fully-evaluated experimental campaigns to test the efficacy of new approaches to audience segmentation (Culture Segments) to change people’s patterns of venue and artform attendance and to develop deeper relationships and understanding of audiences and different ways of communicating with them.  The report and findings from The Unusual Suspects research project and information about NGCV’s audience development work is available on The Unusual Suspects webpage

The Insider is already a very useful and powerful tool offering partners access to large numbers of potential attenders that our members do not have on their own databases. The list is profiled with a rich layer of augmented demographics – members’ age and family status, behaviour – past attendance at every venue and cultural form and psychographics – 'Culture Segments’ values, mind-sets and motivations, and members’ future propensity to attend each venue and cultural form. The focus for the immediate future will be to broaden the list and continue to use The Insider to grow the local market for culture.  The Insider relaunch was in January 2017.

The Insider is not just a useful audience development tool. It is a radical new approach to the sustainability of the arts eco-system, recognising that we need to collaborate to grow a bigger audience, rather than trying to compete for fragments of that audience. It is a logical culmination of all the work that NGCV have done in terms of audience insight and shared marketing and audience development campaigns. It is a pathfinder project for a new kind of marketing.

Further information on the evolution of the range of audience development research projects is provided on our website, follow the links from this webpage

What’s The Insider?  The Insider is a special email list that provides information about what’s on, talks, events & special offers from top arts and cultural organisations in Newcastle and Gateshead. It’s open to everyone and completely free to join at

The Insider is run by, and provides information from nine of NewcastleGateshead’s leading cultural organisations, running 19 iconic venues, sites and attractions.

What do you get when you join up?  Subscribers receive a monthly email and other special offers and events handpicked for them.

How do I sign up?  Sign up for free at

Can I ask a friend to join too?  Yes everyone is welcome to join. Please encourage friends, family and colleagues to join. Just forward them the link, share the social media post or email or direct them to the website

Will my data be safe?   Yes absolutely. The Insider is a safe and secure database that sits separately from the individual venues box offices. We won't share information with third parties. Nor will we bombard people with emails. Members can unsubscribe at any time they choose.

The 9 Organisations Involved in The Insider, are: