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Public Engagement

Engaging the public with culture is our shared purpose and also the single biggest challenge and opportunity we face as a partnership.

There are four sub groups working on aspects of public engagement  for NGCV.

Find out more about our work in these areas below.

In this section

NGCV is seeking to appoint suitably qualified consultants to carry out first stage feasibility research to explore the options and opportunities for an NGCV degree programme and associated income generating resources.

Public Engagement is all about our audiences, making sure that we are building strong and lasting relationships and facilitating their involvement in a wide range of quality cultural experiences.

Our collaboration focuses on how to strengthen partnerships, build our knowledge and share experiences to enhance the quality of learning and participation across the diversity of cultural forms that we represent.

We work together and with programmers across the region, UK and internationally to identify opportunities, creative collaboration and to promote talent development for artists and cultural professionals.

We share approaches, plans and experience of fundraising, donors and other development issues, as well as identifying ways to support NGCV's collaborative projects, work and campaigns.