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NGCV spent a number of years undertaking research and sharing learning and understanding around digital issues, engaging experts to expand our own and others' knowledge, as well as testing new approaches and developing collaborative projects, which helped progress our digital ambitions. By sharing risk and testing digital approaches collectively on a small scale, member organisations were able to learn lessons and scale up as appropriate.

Work to date has included:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Online recommendations and links between partner websites and activities
  • Reviewing analytics data across all our websites
  • Sharing approaches to new mobile applications
  • Sharing policies and protocols around social media 
  • Exploring the potential of a shared internet tv channel
  • E-Commerce opportunities
  • Networking between the Cultural and Digital Sectors

Further information

Shared digital opportunities

Extract of a report commissioned from Professor Jonathan Briggs, Professor of ecommerce at Kingston University and Co-Founder of the Other media Ltd.  This helped shape approaches of NGCV and its members to Digital strategy.

NGCV Shared Digital Opportunities Report

CultureCode Initiative

A region-wide project led by NGCV, funded by Arts Council England and delivered by Codeworks to start new partnerships between the Cultural and Digital Creative communities in the North East.

CultureCode Initiative website

CultureCode Initiative Evaluation Report (May 2012)