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Groups of staff and partners have collaborated on a range of areas since we established our new partnership arrangements in 2009 and these change over time as we revist and refocus our collective activity. 

Our current collaboration focuses predominantly on audience development (public engagement) in terms of front facing work and efficiencies and standards of excellence (shared services) in terms of back of house operations and how we run and operate our organisations and buildings.  

We spent years sharing learning and understanding around digital issues and trends, engaging experts to expand our own and others' knowledge, as well as testing new approaches and developing collaborative projects, which helped progress our digital ambitions.

We are committed to growing audiences and building relationships and awareness across the wealth of world class cultural and learning and participation experiences we offer. We also share knowledge around development issues and explore creative programming collaboration.

We are always ambitious to build on our excellent cultural infrastructure and maximise our contribution to the regional economy, through strategic investment in buildings and spaces, which also helps support talent, skills, creativity and enterprise. 

We collaborate across our back office functions of finance, human resources and facilities and act together to identify efficiencies and savings, improve contracts and services, as well as collectively approaching and implementing standards of excellence.