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Twilight Shows launch

14th May 2018

What is it?

This month The Late Shows revealed the 2018 line-up of over 60 venues for its award-winning late-night culture crawl in NewcastleGateshead.  A new addition this year is that some venues will be opening their doors a little earlier than usual, in a series of special events aimed at teenagers - called The Twilight Shows.

The Twilight Shows will run at various times between 4-7pm on both Friday 18 and Saturday 19 May, right before the main Late Shows events on those days.

The Twilight Shows has some great activities for 12-17 year olds, including free tickets to those aged 18 and under, for a showing of the new coming of age film, Love, Simon at Tyneside Cinema

The Twilight Shows line-up includes Tyneside Cinema, Seven Stories, Alphabetti Theatre, Dance City, Laing Art Gallery and Space Six (in Commercial Union House).

Why is it happening?

Earlier this year, NGCV consulted nearly 1000 children and young people as part of the development of our City of Dreams strategy.

We asked their views on culture in Newcastle and Gateshead, and a key message from teenagers was that education and family life can prevent them visiting venues during the day, or coming to evening events.

We heard them loud and clear...and so the Twilight Shows was born!

As Bill Griffiths, Head of Programmes at Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums and Project Manager of The Late Shows, puts it, “We’re really excited to be trialling this new ‘fringe’ event for The Late Shows. We’re always looking for new ways to help young people visit venues, and provide them with fun and memorable experiences. We’re confident that The Twilight Shows, as a new fringe event for teenagers, is going to be a brilliant way to encourage younger people to visit some of the great venues that NewcastleGateshead has to offer.”

What can I do to help young people come along?

Tell them!  Tell their families! Tell your creative networks! Tell your professional networks! Tell social media!

Twilight Show events are free, and designed to make young people welcome. Especially those who might otherwise be unable to attend the Late Shows, or have not been to our venues before.

So don't be shy in sharing this link far and wide: https://thelateshows.org.uk/news/new-the-twilight-shows/17.

And tweet away, using the #TheTwilightShows hashtag as much as you like.

....you can also come along with your own families, of course!

What's on?

This year seven venues are trying out a range of free late afternoon-early evening programming, aimed at 12-17 year olds, during the Late Shows. Full details can be found at the Twilight Shows  web page, but the headlines are:

  • Tyneside Cinema - Friday 18 May, 4pm   This year’s must-see coming of age comedy Love, Simon (12A, USA 2018. 1hr 50mins) - free to under 18s. To redeem tickets email boxoffice@tynesidecinema.co.uk, call 0191 227 5500 or pick your tickets up from Tyneside Cinema’s Box Office.
  • Seven Stories - Friday 18 May, from 6pm  Celebrate comic art, to a soundtrack of comics-inspired tunes. How about creating supersized comic art in the Studio? Or dressing up as a comic character in the Attic? Including live drawing from local comic artist and writer, Nigel Auchterlounie. Drop in event.
  • Alphabetti Theatre - Saturday 19 May, 4-7pm  GirlHogg and JaZZ RiOT: The Family Show - a rare family-friendly set from two of the North East's most original music and spoken word acts. Drop in event.
  • Dance City - Saturday 19 May, 4-7pm  Dance is the Word! Grease dance-along at Dance City. The building will be open from 4pm, then you can take part in the dance class and then dance-along with the movie from 5pm
  • Laing Art Gallery - Saturday 19 May, 4-7pm  Visit the Laing Art Gallery’s Art Studio and work with their young people's group L-ink as they create artworks based on Sean Scully’s large scale paintings. Book tickets at: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/date/498455
  • The NewBridge Project - Saturday 19 May, from 6pm  Take part in a family fermenting workshop, get your own starter seed capsule, and leave a response to questions exploring our relationships to each other and the planet. Drop in activity.
  • Space Six - Saturday 19 May, 4-6.30pm  Space Six invite you to come play with them with some fun game based workshops! 
  • INTERACT WORKSHOP (4-5pm) - A workshop with Kim Tate, artistic director of Inter-Acting. In this 1hr workshop. You will play games, gain confidence, meet new people and be challenged. booking required. Email kim@inter-acting.co.uk, or visit www.interacting.co.uk/news.
  • OPEN HEART THEATRE WORKSHOP (5-6.30pm) - Have you ever seen someone on stage and thought 'I wish I could do that?', or have you ever done something and thought 'What just happened there?!'   booking required. Email mail@openhearttheatre.com or visit http://openhearttheatre.com/impro-games-young-peop...

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