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NGCV's continuing impact

19th November 2016

The results of NGCV’s annual Economic Impact Assessment have just been published for 2015-16 and show that our 10 organisations continue to make a significant, collective economic contribution to NewcastleGateshead and the North East region:

  • Our total economic contribution was £87.3m Gross Value Added
  • Our return on investment is £4.61 for every £1 of public money spent
  • We supported 1,985 full time jobs in the region and created 2 new jobs for every 10 in NGCV
  • We welcomed 3.8m attenders to our cultural events
  • We earned £37.8m from cultural and ancillary activities
  • We procured goods and services in the region worth £20m, supporting 172 indirect full time jobs
  • We generated an additional £15.7m visitor spend in NewcastleGateshead and £7.3m across the North East economy

Anthony Baker, Chair of NGCV and Artistic Director and Joint Chief Executive of Dance City, said:

“The cultural sector has a lot to offer the North East region and it is important to take stock and recognise this.  Our key focus is on producing great art and culture for everyone to enjoy and participate in and developing talent, it is important to recognize that we are also not-for-profit organisations and charities which have a real economic impact in the region.  As employers, we also provide a wide range of opportunities for learning, volunteering, training and employment and we endeavour to inspire, engage and support people of all ages, abilities and interests”.

Much of what we do also has much wider social and cultural impact in the area. 

Every year, across the 10 organisations we support an average of 2,000 artists, cultural practitioners and educators through our professional development, talent development and business support programmes, helping to build a more sustainable cultural sector with a focus on excellence.  

In addition, we provide a range of work experience, apprenticeships, training and learning opportunities for people of all ages, who may not otherwise have the chance to gain skills, knowledge and experience and who get so much benefit from their involvement, just as we benefit from our engagement with them. 

Volunteering is an important activity and in 2015-16, 1,007 volunteers gave 40,0240 hours of their time to support NGCV organisations. Some participate as a way to progress to education, training or work, others engage as a way of giving back to the community and to share their passion for culture. We are grateful to all those who give their time to support us.

We supported 958,608 learning and participation engagements (619,140 children and 339,468 adults) in 2015-16.  This is an important part of our work and we advocate and promote active participation in culture for all our communities, the lifelong impact of participation in cultural activities and creativity at the heart of lifelong learning.  This can include anything from film making, to learning to play an instrument or singing in a choir, from theatre workshops to creative writing and science experiments. 

 Our 10 organisations also raised £4.6m in additional project funding in 2015-16 for cultural activities beyond core programmes, including outreach, learning and participation and special projects.

These programmes and projects often aim to maximise the social impact of the area’s cultural assets for the benefit of hard to reach, vulnerable and marginalised individuals, groups and communities. These can include young people who are not in education, employment or training, those in care or care leavers, ex-offenders, people with mental health problems, older people who may have significant health or mental health issues, as well as being at risk of isolation, people with disabilities, carers, people with drug or alcohol problems and a wide range of others who are all engaged proactively through arts, culture, science and heritage activities, directly and through partnership working.

The impact of their engagement can be life-changing and long-term, building confidence and aspirations and inspiring people to make positive changes in their lives.  It can bring enjoyment and enthusiasm and improve people’s quality of life in a very significant way. 

ERS, independent economists, produce the report each year, based on analysis of data provided by all partners.  You can read more about the impacts and download the headline figures and report here.


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