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NGCV runs at maximum efficiency

5th March 2014

The NGCV partners work together on a number of projects including creative and learning programmes and more recently on practical efficiency initiatives. Between 2011/12 and 2012/13 the organisations collectively achieved a 5% carbon reduction and 4% energy bill reduction (from c. £1,705,000 to c. £1,639,000).  (Click here for more details)

Following on from this success, NGCV committed to exploring potential savings through shared Facilities Management services. Working alongside North-based Spingate Consulting they explored areas such as Cleaning, Mechanical and Electrical Services, Security and General Building Maintenance.

Following a full tendering exercise, which attracted applications from many organisations across the country, NGCV found there was no financial business case for adapting the way they currently manage their facilities.

The results showed no evidence that savings could be made through a shared Facilities Management service but instead demonstrated many areas of efficiency and good practice existing within NGCV. In general the services provided by group members were shown to already represent very good value for money. The process also highlighted an ability to develop unique delivery models that work very well within NGCV.

Jim Beirne, Chief Executive of the Live Theatre and Chair of NGCV said:

“This process has demonstrated the exceptional value that the cultural organisations which make up NGCV manage to achieve in their current relationships with suppliers. Through rigorous processes, attention to detail and the obvious necessity to work within very limited budgets we achieve both high quality services and excellent value for money.”


For additional information, please contact Natalie Joyce, Press & Communications Officer (Maternity Cover) for the Theatre Royal on 0191 244 2518 or email natalie.joyce@theatreroyal.co.uk

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