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NGCV partners' £404m economic contribution to the region

4th February 2015

New figures released by NGCV demonstrate that the partners’ have made a collective economic contribution to the North East of £404m in the past five years.

NGCV’s independent Economic Impact Assessments are produced annually by economic research consultancy ERS and five year figures show that the 10 partner organisations have:

  • Provided an average annual return on investment of £4.16 for every £1 of public funding
  • Supported an average of 2075 full time jobs annually in the region, with an average of 1248 people employed directly by the 10 organisations each year
  • Procured £135m goods and services within the North East,  supporting 1167 full time jobs
  • Hosted 268,000 conference and business visitors at events in our venues
  • Generated additional visitor spend of £80m, supporting 2053 full time jobs in the region

The organisations make an indirect economic contribution by training and supporting an average of 2000 people a year.  There are significant continuing professional development programmes running across the different cultural forms and some organisations also provide business support. These activities strengthen the creative sector and support talent development.

Jim Beirne, Chief Executive of Live Theatre and Chair of NGCV said:

“Whilst our ten organisations make an important and valuable economic contribution to the region, we also play a vital role in engaging people in arts and culture of all kinds and in a range of ways. 

“As well as hosting 19.5 million cultural attendances over the last five years, we have supported 4.6 million learning and participation engagements through venue based and outreach activities in the community, including two-and-a-half million children and over two million adults. We have also worked with over one thousand schools across the region.

“We make a particular effort to support and engage the local community by providing opportunities and experiences for hard to reach, vulnerable and marginalised individuals, groups and communities.

“People’s interaction with our cultural institutions can be life-changing and in the long-term build confidence, aspirations and inspire people to make positive changes in their lives.  It can bring enjoyment, enthusiasm and improve people’s quality of life in a very significant way.”

In addition, NGCV organisations provide volunteering opportunities for local people and currently, each year, around 800 people volunteers give their time to the organisations.  Over the last 5 years, they have spent 154,000 hours supporting activities across the venues and in communities, generating just under £1m additional impact.

Collectively, NGCV has raised an additional £34m from trusts and foundations to support projects cultural activities beyond core programmes, including outreach, learning and participation and special projects. These programmes and projects aim to maximise the social impact of the area’s cultural assets for the benefit of hard to reach, vulnerable and marginalised individuals, groups and communities. These can include young people who are not in education, employment or training, those in care or care leavers, ex-offenders, people with mental health problems, older people who may have significant health or mental health issues, as well as being at risk of isolation, people with disabilities, carers, people with drug or alcohol problems and a wide range of others who are all engaged proactively through arts, culture, science and heritage activities, directly and through partnership working.

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ERS is an independent research consultancy which carries out the annual Economic Impact Assessment for NGCV in line with Treasury Green Book Guidelines.  http://www.ers.org.uk/


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