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NGCV makes great green progress

5th February 2014

A new case study produced by Julie's Bicycle the national organisation leading on promoting sustainability in the cultural and creative sector, highlights NGCV as a great example of organisations working collaboratively and effectively to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainability.

Alison Tickell, Chief Executive of Julie's Bicycle, said:

"Newcastle Gateshead Cultural Venues (NGCV) form a large part of a well established and thriving network of cultural organisations in the North East. By working together the network has been responsible for positioning the North East as an exemplar for cultural investment as a driver for regional regeneration. Less known, but as significant, is their pioneering work embedding environmental sustainability across the network.

"Through their highly successful ‘Green Campaign’ NGCV’s progressive and engaging environmental approaches have reduced impacts and captured the imaginations of staff, audiences and artists.  Our work at Julie's Bicycle gives us a bird’s eye of national and international practice and we regularly champion the work of NGCV as leaders in the field and an inspiration to us.”

Since 2009, NGCV members have worked intensively to improve the efficiency of their buildings by sharing good practice and introducing new approaches and technologies.  The NGCV Green Campaign engages staff and the public in activities which promote awareness and encourages everyone to think green and act green - including everything from recycling to cycling.

Since 2010, all NGCV members have achieved the Industry Green standard, certified by Julie's Bicyle, seeking to improve their ratings and green practices year on year.

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