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Making a case for culture

13th May 2015

NGCV members have been participating in a region wide consultation to help shape the vision for the future of culture in the region.

Initiated by the North East Culture Partnership (NECP), a board of 24 local authority and culture, tourism, business and university leads, the Case for Culture (C4C)  is considering what culture has to offer the North East and imagining what practical things the region could do to make the cultural sector even more vibrant, distinctive and sustainable.

It will set out an ambitious vision for culture in the North East over the next 15 years, informed and shaped by people living, working and creating in the region. This is the only region undertaking an exercise of this kind.

It's not just about cultural buildings, but about creative programmes too and  how we might grow and develop the wealth of inspiring arts and heritage activities that people experience, value and take part in. The C4C will be a manifesto for culture in the region - a vision that the region can all collectively unite behind, to help lobby for more resources and recognition for our sector. 

All NGCV Chief Executives have fed in to these discussions and some have been convening discussions for their cultural forms to prepare submissions for the Case for Culture, including articulating the contribution that their cultural forms make, their ambitions to develop creative work and what would be key factors for developing the sector over the next 15 years. In terms of cultural forms, Jim Beirne (Live Theatre) was the convenor for theatre, Mark Dobson (Tyneside Cinema) for film and Anthony Baker (Dance City) for dance.  There has also been an NGCV collective response (which is available online here).

Anthony Baker, Vice Chair of NGCV, said, “It is crucial to the further and continued development of the cultural opportunities available in the North East to the people who live there and those visiting that those working in cultural organisations dream of an incredible future for the region and strive to make that dream a reality. This is why the Case for Culture conversation is vital at a time of change and uncertainty. We will continue to dream.”  

 The C4C is focusing on the wider North East region from the Tees Valley up to Berwick, and is due to be launched at Durham Castle on July 29th, 2015.

The C4C will be outward facing - used with external partners including central government, local authorities and business, helping us to gain recognition for the strength and potential of the cultural sector in the North East and our ambitions for growth over the next 15 years.

NECP envisages that the C4C will inform funding and economic planning within both Local Enterprise Partnerships, as well as other funders including the Heritage Lottery Fund and Arts Council England.



North East Culture Partnership (NECP)

NECP was set up in 2013. Its board of 24 includes elected members from each local authority in the region as well as leaders from universities, arts and heritage organisations and business. The Partnership is ambitious about what culture can bring to communities and the sector's vital role in making the North East a vibrant and attractive place to live, work and invest in.

NECP is campaigning for new funding for culture and more regional influence over funding decisions as an important part of the region's development. The Partnership's ambition is that the C4C will be a key tool in securing increased investment in the region's cultural sector - investment that supports the sector to grow, innovate and become even more sustainable.

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