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Going Green in 2017

23rd March 2017

Pictured: Naomi Foster, Sustainability Champion at Centre for Life

Starting with Earth Hour 8.30-9.30pm on 25th March, NGCV is relaunching its efforts to be greener in 2017 through our Green Campaign. We want to raise awareness and encourage staff, the public and visiting artists and cultural professionals to think and be as green as possible. 

Philip Bernays, Chief Executive of Theatre Royal and NGCV's Green Champion, said, "Promoting greener behaviours and activities and reducing our impact on the environment is a priority for all of us and we have shared ideas, run campaigns and found ways to work smarter to achieve this.  It is something which we can't afford to relax about though and relaunching the campaign is a way to remind people how important this is and how by working together, we can make a difference." 

Our green activities are split into two main areas of collaboration:

The environmental sustainability and efficiency of the buildings, such as sharing information and good practice around energy efficiency measures, companies, products and services which support efficiencies and sustainability, infrastructure such as cycle racks, as well as sharing approaches to things like waste management and negotiating with external companies to get the best deals and services.

Encouraging greener behaviours in the staff, volunteers and public, such as campaigns to encourage recycling, consideration of energy and water use, improving web information about travel and transport and promoting sustainable transport, including Cycle and Travel to Work Schemes for staff across most organisations, walking maps and well briefed staff in venues.  

Some examples:

  • We were the first partnership to achieve Industry Green (now Creative Green) across all our venues and Live Theatre recently achieved 4 Stars and one of the highest ratings nationally in this national standard for encironmental efficiency 
  • We run a public survey on transport to and from our venues the results of which we share annually and the detailed results of which inform organizational policies and practice around travel and transport for audiences. We had over 16,000 responses in 2016 and  Tyneside Cinema was the venue with the highest level of audiences using sustainable transport at 73%   
  • We have Green leads in all 10 of our partner organisations, who meet quarterly to discuss issues, share good practice and also work on any collective initiatives where we can add value through the NGCV partnership - they are planning campaign activities this year around National Bike Week and Recycling Week, as well as thinking up new and creative ideas to inspire across all venues
  • Within individual NGCV partner organisations the Green Leads work with Green Teams (often people who volunteer as they have an interest to progress green issues and sustainability) to develop activities - from Green Lunches at Live Theatre and plant exchanges at Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums, to supporting green behaviours in the venues, such as Lift Free Mondays across many venues, Green Riders for visiting artists at Sage Gateshead, Green Champions on Boards, promoting recycling with the public in venues and Seven Stories and Northern Stage encouraging schools to recycle more and waste less during visits
  • We link with our HR Network to support the Green Campaign, to engage the staff and support the green leads in promoting initiatives and activities, across a range of departments from HR and Facilities Managers, to Customer Service Teams, creative teams and programmers and senior managers

Being more sustainable and encouraging more people to think and act green will remain a priority and we encourage everyone working, volunteering and visiting our venues as audiences or artists/performers to help us all be greener in 2017 - and if you have any great ideas to share, get in touch.


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