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21st May 2014

In an attempt to explore further efficiencies, NGCV contracted Spingate Consulting to investigate the potential of delivering facilities management services and savings through a process of open procurement. This process independently verified that NGCV members already achieve excellent value for money and have effective delivery models in place.

NGCV members have been working on making savings and efficiencies across their facilities operations over the last 5 years and have achieved significant carbon and energy bill reductions, improved waste management and operating processes, and shared expertise across a wide range of facilities management services.  Facilities Managers regularly meet with industry experts to explore ways to improve their services and the operation of the cultural venues and sites.

Spingate Consulting was employed to find out whether more could be done to maximise efficiencies and deliver facilities management services across the organisations.  Following a full tendering exercise, which attracted applications from many organisations across the country, Spingate concluded that there was no financial business case for adapting the way they currently manage their facilities.

The results showed no evidence that savings could be made through a shared facilities management service, but instead demonstrated many areas of efficiency and good practice existing within NGCV. In general, the services provided by group members were shown to already represent very good value for money.

The process also highlighted an ability to develop unique delivery models that work very well within NGCV.  It also demonstrated NGCV’s ability to work collectively on multi-million pound contract opportunities.  Knowledge shared throughout the process will improve standards across all venues and guide future consultations on shared facilities management.

Philip Bernays, Chief Executive of the Theatre Royal Newcastle and Green Champion of NGCV said: “Working together on this project has demonstrated the exceptional value NGCV organisations achieve with their current suppliers. Through rigorous processes, attention to detail and the obvious necessity to work within very limited budgets, we achieve both high quality services and excellent value for money.”

For more informationcontact Andrew Porter at Spingate Consulting: info@spingate.co.uk / +44 (0) 7703 599 782

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