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Celebrating creative fusion

28th March 2018

It's happening - we're putting the fusion into Creative Fuse North East all across our region, as more and more people and organisations from our diverse cultural sector are getting involved.

This January to March has seen a flurry of activities and engagement and there is more to come as these time-limited, but fully funded opportunities continue to roll out, supported by Northumbria, Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham and Teesside Universities and a range of partners. 

Declan Baharini, Cultural Sector Engagement Broker, has been tapping into the regions cultural networks, partnerships and local authorities to get the word out and encourage artists, makers, crafters, performers, sole traders, microbusinesses and SMEs to get involved.  She said, “The whole purpose of the programme is to grow the creative economy in the North East by promoting innovation and business growth.  The cultural sector is a key part of that economy and can really benefit from the skills and innovation support on offer – but brings so much more.”

Project Director, Mark Adamson said, “There has been an incredible response from the cultural sector to Creative Fuse opportunities.  In turn, the feedback from the other partners involved shows how the fusion of the creativity, imagination and resources that the cultural sector brings, adds real value when combined with the academic, innovation and technological knowledge and skills of universities and creative, digital and IT sectors.” 

Looking at the road ahead in terms of the landscape, partnerships and possibilities, Declan said, “When you consider the growth of the Creative Industries in our region, shown in NESTA’s Creative Nation report and interactive maps, as well as their Experimental Culture report commissioned by Arts Council England as an horizon scan to 2030, the fusion of culture and technology is only going to grow in importance and Creative Fuse is helping us move towards those goals, which ultimately benefit all our audiences and those we engage with.”

Some of the ongoing activities in the coming months include more inspirational events, practical workshops and business innovation support, student and graduate placements from all 5 universities and the work of the 31 innovation pilots funded through Creative Fuse, which are currently testing ideas and concepts in the spirit of experimentation and innovation.

For the full range of activities, as well as blogs and feedback from activities that have already happened, click here to see the most recent Cultural Sector Update.

Most of the delivery of activities under Creative Fuse will be completed by July and there will be a major conference in mid-July, followed up by a cultural sector event in September focussing on the added value to the sector and examples of innovation and development.  The programme officially ends in October 2018.

The Creative Fuse Partnership has also submitted a bid to become a Creative Industries Cluster, one of up to eight which will be funded nationally through a programme led by Arts and Humanities Research Council as part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.  If successful, this would begin in October 2018 and build on the solid achievements of the current programme.  It will have strong cultural sector involvement.

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