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About us

NewcastleGateshead Cultural Venues is a partnership of 10 organisations running 20 venues* devoted to to delivering world-class culture and engaging more deeply with a growing and diverse audience.  We encompass visual arts, performing arts, music, film, writing and literature, dance, heritage and archives and science communication.

The NGCV partnership is built on a decade of strong relationships and informal partnership working between 10 cultural leaders in NewcastleGateshead. Since 2009, NGCV has become embedded as  part of the everyday working lives of staff and volunteers across all the member organisations.  We encourage collaboration at all levels to maximise the benefits of the diversity of skills, knowledge and expertise of everyone in the partnership.

We focus on:

  • developing strategic and creative initiatives
  • sharing learning, experience and resources
  • being a strong collective voice

We explore ways to be:

  • better placed to engage with audiences and new technologies
  • more efficient and more cost-effective
  • better informed about each other and the external landscape in which we operate
  • better placed to use our shared resources
  • better able to measure and demonstrate our collective value

This in turn makes us a more credible voice in representing the case for continued investment in culture and helps to gain maximum value from all the investment of the past decade.

You can subscribe to our e-newsletter on our Contact page.

You can find out more about NGCV's approach and activities  in Our work.

You can find out more about the individual organisations on the Members page.

*Note:  The 10 organisations now operate 20 venues and sites acoss Tyne & Wear:  BALTIC and BALTIC 39, Centre for Life, Dance City, Live Theatre, Northern Stage, Sage Gateshead, Seven Stories, Theatre Royal and City Hall, Tyneside Cinema and all the Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums venues, which are: Laing Art Gallery, Shipley Art Gallery, Discovery Museum, Great North Museum, Segedunum Roman Fort, Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum, Stephenson Railway Museum, South Shields Art Gallery and Museum, Hatton Gallery.  TWAM also operates Tyne & Wear Archives from Discovery Museum. For links to individual organisations, please see our Members page.  

Further Information

You can subscribe to our quarterly newsletter on our Contact page, for updates on our activities.

NGCV partnership principles and practice 

How we work together, our core principles, some examples of what we do are in a one page overview and a more in depth case study of the partnership:

NGCV in a Nutshell 

NGCV Case Study (November 2017)

How we work together

Our Sharing Protocol explains membership, sets our aims and objectives and also how the partnership works in practice.  There is also a summary of the challenges and success factors when working in a partnership like NGCV.

NGCV Sharing Protocol

NGCV Challenges and Success Factors

Demonstrating collective impact

Our annual, independent Economic Impact Assessment helps us better understand and demonstrate our collective impact on the regional economy. Headline figures and the most recent report are available below and on our Impact page: